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Does Numerology really Help?

Numerology is able to help people to understand themselves better, to know all weaknesses and strengths, to find out what people have to work on, where people need to make efforts, where they are from, the heights they can reach. All these are in person’s date of birth and cosmic name. There is meaning of names by numerology - the first name which was given at birth is the cosmic name. With the help of it is quite possible to know your talents, goals, debts and lessons, in essence, and as well the reasons for person’s being here. If the person changes his name it may detract or enhance your ability to realize your life mission, but it doesn’t modify these factors.
Numerology helpThe important numerological indicator is the date which the person was born on (and it doesn't matter which year or month it is). The date of birth may provide an exceptional "thumbnail sketch" of the obvious traits. The date influences the most dynamic period of person’s life much and in a chart it is among 4 key numbers. (The other 3 are Expression, the Life Path and the Soul Urge.)

Addition of all the vowels vibrations together gives the Soul Urge in the result. This opens the soul longings, the motivations and goals in life. Quiet Self is the sum of the consonants vibrations. It points out the exceptional talents which may help you to reach your aim and, as it operates on subconscious level, it is spoken like describing a dream. Total sum of all vibrations in person’s name is called the Expression. It is the appearance which the person shows the world or, it’s possible to say, the traits which others see the clearest. You possibly will find out that you vibrate to some of these numbers. It means that you feel an exacting draw to these numbers without knowing why.
Karmic Lessons are that vibrations which don’t appear in your cosmic name at all.  The numerology karmic lesson - are the items which you have to learn during the life. They are fields which hadn’t been learned in full in other your lives or they had been developed and then lost. I have to note that the numerological charting is predicated on recreation and a idea that there is a choice which operates at the level of soul. Our birth names replicate these choices in such way how we undertake in a lifetime. The clinical study which was held during many years shows that there are more or less always setoffs to the karmic lessons that factually propel us in guidelines which give each opportunity to learn the lessons. To put this another way, an essential vibration which is missed will appear in the other key position of the chart. It, certainly, is no disaster, since we’re not casual travelers on this ship. We come into this world with a definite aim and get equipment and tools which are needed to accomplish it.
There can possibly be up to eight Karmic Lessons, for the person whose name consists of a single vibration repeated. But in most cases people have up to three Karmic Lessons. If the one has more lessons, it can be too burdensome and hard to get over them all. Choosing more than three lessons, it’s better to focus on the ones which have a support of some additional chart aspects to have more chances to overcome.
Now there are more and more people whose names include all the basic vibrations. Possibly, this can be a sign of an Old Soul which has a variety of experiences and came here to grow gaining and passing all the possible lessons. Sometimes it happens in combination with hard karmic debt which can be displayed with a Malefic Number. The Malefic Numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19, and they can occur independently of the presence of Karmic Lessons.


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