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Apple iPhone Additions from Apple

If you love the pink color of your iPhone and take pride in flaunting it then Giz Mac has something for you. Newly released, these modernly vibrant Titan clear color cases stand out from the old with their glamorous combination of crystalline and curves.

The new Titan Clear Color cases come in two popular colors, pink and ashen grey. Ashen grey is sensuous and makes your pink apple look classy as its curves will be accentuated in this darker, smokier case. This color is best for guys who think pink is too girly. The pink case on the other hand will make your already preciously beautiful Apple iPhone look cuter and even more adorable. The pink case is slightly luminescent and gives a hot pink look to your pink iPhone.

This case just doesn’t make your iPhone look pretty, but also protects bit. Its crystal clear polycarbonate protects your phone from any catastrophic falls. The case has been designed in consideration with all the function of your iPhone, giving access to all the external ports and the camera. The case does not obstruct your phone screen and it has kick stands that can be used for resting your Pink Apple iPhone or using it while one hand is free.

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