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Vaja iVolution T65 Case Review

I recently received the Vaja iVolution T65/Treo 650 case for review, courtesy of Vaja cases. I have bought quite a few cases recently, including the hard leather (form fitting) LH650 case by SmartphoneExperts, which I bought through the treo Addicts Store for $39.95. The two cases are eerily similar in construction, and very sturdy. But, we’ll go over the Vaja iVolution case in this review.

Vaja sent me a Caterina Birch/Caterina Golden Ochre colored iVolution, just like the picture shown here. This was fairly coincidental, since orange is one of my favorite colors! The package arrived, and I immediately opened the outer envelope. Inside, the neat and professional black Vaja box greeted me. Once past that, the leather Vaja case lay neatly within along with some promotional literature, care steps and warranty information underneath.

Immediately I noticed the embossed, inlaid Vaja logo on the top-front of the case and a replica stitched logo in a wallpaper pattern adorning the inside of the case. It is this type of touch that separates Vaja from any other case maker. The leather smelled wonderful (for those who like the musk of leather!), and the colors were very vibrant and eye-catching.

The first thing I did was to slide my Treo into the case to check the fit. I don’t think my 650 could have fit any more perfectly if a case had been poured around it! The case fit very snug and didn’t allow movement of the Treo, yet removal was easy when you wanted to do so.

A nice touch that Vaja included was sturdy mesh “grills” to the earpiece and speaker openings of the case. These grills allowed for sound to escape unimpeded, but kept out lint and other unwanted materials. Also, a translucent “window” was imbedded where the top LED would show up…another nice touch.

The top of the case is pretty much completely open; the contours of the case match the Treo wonderfully, and operation of all portions of the phone is unhindered. The bottom of the case has a large cutout for charging, hot syncing and for the phone mic. Right above where the bottom cutout ends on the back of the case, a small, printed Vaja logo rests.

The opening in the front of the case allows one to push any button on the Treo without being cramped; the leather that wraps around the front of the phone is far enough away from any buttons so as to not be a hindrance. Also, when the stylus is removed, tapping on the Treo’s screen is also free of any obstruction.

I received the case without an “Ultra Clip”, so the back of this particular case is smooth, and has no place to screw in a post for later belt-clipping. This may not be an issue with most, but for the avid belt-clipper, you will want to spring for the extra $4 to include the clip.

After using this case for a week or so now, I can wholeheartedly say that Vaja has definitely kept up its rigorous standard for producing well crafted and beautiful cases. You have a myriad of choices for color: from solid colors to the two tone colors like this one, and everywhere in between.

If you are interested in a Vaja iVolution case for your Treo 650, you can customize your own over at They start at $104.90 USD, and go up for added features (such as the Ultra Clip, name personalization, embossed logo or matching SD card holder).

I give this particular case five out of five Treos!

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