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Reviewing the best free anti-virus software

Each year we see the launch of new products and the race to gain the number one position is on. Here, we discuss about the numerous anti-virus programs that were launched during the current year. So, what is the best antivirus software?

Companies providing anti-virus software are exposed to significant competition amongst themselves. Generally, the free editions of these programs are not very popular because these free programs do not offer the complete features that are important for the protection of the PCs. Additionally, the non-availability of laboratory testing outcomes, client unawareness, and lower acceptance rates makes the free editions not very popular.

It is a commonly accepted fact that every computer owner requires an anti-virus program installed in his/her PC to ensure protection against malware attacks. We need to protect our machines from various viruses, worms, spywares, Trojans, and adwares.

Free anti-virus softwareComing back to our discussion of the popular and reliable anti-virus programs during 2011, we find that there are certain programs that are ranked high on every survey site results. Since earlier last year, most of the anti-virus developers commenced adding “2011” to their brand names. Some of these include Norton Anti Virus 2011, Panda Anti Virus Pro 2011, AVG Anti Virus Free 2011, BitDefender Anti Virus 2011, and McAfee Anti Virus 2011.

Majority of the free anti-virus programs are provided with incorporated supporting functions, such as several simple techniques to assist customers in finding the information related to a variety of listings, contacting any technical agent, and several other functionalities. The Kapersky Anti Virus 2011 program is embedded with a built-in supporting function, which by design is able to diagnose the various possibilities of attacks that may occur to the computer, provides complete information on these possible attacks, and launches the codes that are necessary to eliminate these and clear the machine.

BitDefender Anti Virus 2011 provides users the option of searching for the required information. Moreover, the program includes a supporting feature, which collates the data about the system and transmits the information to a technical representative for live talk support functionality. BullGuard Antivirus 2011 incorporates live chats and emailing supporting functions along with a messaging center that is used to manage the communication between the users and the technical agents.

Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 includes the PSCAN feature, which enables remotely located technical agents to gather the samples on the problems. The representative then relay automated solutions to the computer system without requiring live chat sessions with the users. Norton AntiVirus 2011 provides live chat support systems with a single click of the mouse or with a detailed FAQ page. eScan AntiVirus 2011 provides users an inbuilt online supporting functionality interactive chat sessions.

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