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10 Things that you should know about the Secret Power of Number 11 - Part 2

6. It is regrettable that number 11 has negative sides. It can be associated with treason and deception and also with mental derangement and violation. It is very hard for a person to deal with these qualities in his everyday life.

7. People who have a lot of timing and natal number 11 always suffer from the financial hardships during all of their life. At any cost they should avoid risks that are related to speculation.

8. Number 11 usually have people who are intended to be homosexuals or bisexuals. An astrological sign that stands for number 11 is Aquarius. Despite the fact, that this sign is not an inconstant number.

9. Number 11’s exceeding energy produces perverted idealism. It can be a cause in extraordinary spiritual and religious beliefs. Energies of number 11 fit to people who are men of faith.

10. People that have in their timing and natal charts a strong number 11 possess clairvoyance abilities. They are a liaison between normal and other-dimension world. But you should always remember that the energy of this number should be assisted by numbers who also respond spiritually, because in other way it will harm.


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