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What Information Do We Possess On the Bible Code?

Basic idea behind the Bible code is that portions of concealed text are encrypted within the Old Testament original (Hebrew) scripts. Michael Drosnin wrote a book “The Bible Code” regarding this matter in 1997. The book then attracted enormous share of attention from all over the world. As stated in the book, those concealed messages concern the future of the world and nations. Those can be decrypted by means of modern computers.

Michael Drosnin - The Bible CodeThis subject isn’t innovative though. During the latest 2 thousand years Jewish spiritualists have been debating over the same concept. There are Jewish mystical disciplines, namely Kabbalah (mysticism study) and Gematria, both of which are based on derived sense of Bible readings that comes from word and letter combinations. Those Hebrew combinations are believed to be verbalized by God Himself in his revelation to Moses, and so each dictated letter has the deeper mystic meaning. It is expected that deciphered layers of meaning will provide unlimited source of ultimate knowledge on any matter.

But Drosnin was one of the first mystics who introduced computer methodic in deciphering those meanings (to be more precise, a little earlier Eliyahu Rips of Israel Hebrew Academy did the same). The method was described as follows. The Hebrew scripts were digitized and distributed across a two-dimensional array (one dimension is for rows of letters, the other is for columns). Then a specially crafted computer algorithm scanned that array for presence of peculiar patterns, which could not be detected manually. For the complete surprise of researchers, that analysis brought up names of crucial persons in the course of Jewish history.
Now let’s see how Bible code is explained in mentioned works. Ancient Hebrew Numerology incorporates no vowels, no punctuation marks. Moreover, there were special rules for conversion of letters to numbers and vice versa. Just to understand an example, we won’t dig into archaic Hebrew; we will refer to English alphabet instead. Suppose there is a numeric equivalency established per letter: A equals one, B equals two, C equals three, D equals four, … , K equals twenty, L equals thirty, … , S equals hundred, T equals two hundred, and so on.
Using such numeric representation, certain patterns appeared in the Bible scripts. Onward research claims that the probability of trivial coincidence approaches zero. You can also get the numerology bible code software to detect and see the patterns for yourself.


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