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Marware Brings a Sport Grip Backwinder for your iPhone

If you are looking for a combination of fashion and comfort for carrying your pink Apple iPhone, then here is a great product for you. The Sport Grip Backwinder from Marware is designed to enhance your convenience while protecting your mobile phone. The slip-free silicon is perfect for covering the top, bottom and sides of the iPhone. The rubberised backing is ideal for providing a robust backwinding while facilitating the cord management.

Adequate for the 4GB and 8GB pink Apple iPhones, this backwinder also includes a Multidapt® 360º belt clip. This clip is interchangeable and can also be modified as a tabletop stand for the iPhone. It is of the same design and construction as the Marware Sport Grip Backwinder available for the iPod classic, though obviously fitted for the iPhone instead. The backwinder does not hamper accessibility to the features of the iPhone as the display area remains uncovered. Coming to the dimensions, this product is 4.5” in length and .8” in height, with a weight of .2 lb.

Additionally, you will also get a ratchet clip, holster, silicon skin and a protective film as a part of this purchase. Isn’t it difficult to find such a versatile combination of comfort and flexibility in a single iPhone accessory? I know I’m already impressed with it, aren’t you.

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