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appleSteve Wozniak, an entrepreneur credits for the success of Apple. He served as chairman for Apple from 1985 to 1997. He developed several software programs for the Apple computers. On January, 2007 the Apple computers removed the word “computer” for expanding its electronic market. Apple’s first computer named the Apple 1. It does not include a keyboard, monitor or case and was basically an assembled circuit board.

The Apple II was introduced that has been widely credited as the home computer. It was in 1985 that an internal struggle led to the stripping of all powers from Steve Jobs and hence, he resigned from the company. He later found NeXT computer company which launched machines with NeXTstep operating system. It was then acquired by Apple and paved way for Jobs to get inside the company once again. In 2010, Apple Company beaten Microsoft to become the most valuable technological company in the world. Ronald Wayne, co-founder of Apple Inc. designed the first logo for Apple. The first logo was a pen and ink drawing of Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. Later, Steve Jobs changed the logo to partly byte single apple to prevent it from looking like a cherry tomato.

  • The logo is a symbol of knowledge, desire, hope and anarchy.
  • Most of Apple’s annual revenue is made from the products such as iPods, iPhones, iPads and iTunes, that works on base of iOS. All iOS news can be found at
  • iTunes, Apple’s online music, video and app store generated sales of $4 billion in 2010.
  • Apple’s first portable computer is the Macintosh Portable computer.
  • The first true email message from space was sent by the astronauts of the Atlantis space shuttle using a Mac Portable and specially configured AppleLink software.
  • After Steve Jobs left from Apple, the company struggled to survive falling market shares and inefficient leadership. Apple was the first company to mass market GUI-based computers.

Environmentalists have criticized Apple computers for not providing a full-fledged computer recycling program. Apple signed an agreement with Bill Gates to allow the use of Mac GUI technology in Windows. Apple was the most admired company in the world. Steve Jobs doubled the Mac’s market share and increased Apple’s stock to peak. The retail store of the company improved revenue in the previous store to more than $3 billion. The customers can get rich applications from the app store of the company.

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