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Logitech Mouse Features Get Shifty

Sometimes it's not clear if a vendor is deliberately promoting a feature it knows the product doesn't have, or if it just can't be bothered to change the information on its website. Such is the case with one reader who recently found the feature that led him to buy a Logitech mouse was missing.

Sound and Fury for Dell

As long as we're on the subject of soundcards, another reader recently had an issue over a Sound Blaster board. But his problem wasn't with Creative - it was in trying to get Dell to send him the $99 card that he'd paid for rather than a cheaper unit.

Coolermaster ATC-210

When I was sent a link to the Coolermaster ATC-210, I wasn't expecting what I saw. What appeared in my browser window looked like it was straight out of some kind of mock up for television.

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