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LCD monitors

In case you hadn't noticed, the world of LCD monitors has changed somewhat over the past few months. With these LCD units finally coming down in price enough to be within the reach of the 'average' computer user, as opposed to space or style conscious offices.

As such, it was about time bit-tech got its hands on one to see if these LCD monitors can live up to the hype, and the price tag.

The 15" CTX PV520 is described by CTX as an 'Executive style silver/black 15.1" LCD' - Great you say, what does that mean? Well, the 520 is CTX's top-end 15" LCD monitor, differing from the 'next-in-line' 510 only in appearances. Lets face it, we're all pretty much style driven now. Appearances matter - why else would people invest in excellent cases such as anything in the Cooler Master range, when a generic case with a heap of 120mm fans could perform just as well? Quite frankly the Cooler Master looks the part, so then what's more perfect to replace that taboo white ATB plastic monitor of yours than a monitor that would fit in seamlessly with your silver mouse and black keyboard? The CTX PV 520 as it happens!

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