GripeLine by ED

Feeling PC

Fan Adapters have never been the most interesting of hardware, Well Feeling PC have kindly let us review one of their Ice Holes, this clear acrylic 80mm to 60mm fan adapter, has 3 LED's and fan speed selector built in, *drool* How does this perform, does it work better sucking or blowing. Read on to find out ;)

This is what is arrived in, spooky eh?

The contents of the box, the adapter, a selection of screws and a 3 to 4 pin adapter

They give you a selection of length bolts for mounting the 80mm fan, you get 4 of each size. You also get 4 self tapping screws to mount the adapter on the heasink and some washers and gromets

Above the PWR input there is a bank of dip switched to turn on and off the LED's (b.r.g. = Blue, red, green). Above the FAN output is another bank of dip switches to control the speed of the fan (n.m.l. = Normal, Medium and Low Speed).


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