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Coolermaster ATC-210

When I was sent a link to the Coolermaster ATC-210, I wasn't expecting what I saw. What appeared in my browser window looked like it was straight out of some kind of mock up for television.

I was sceptical this was a mass production case, this had to be either stupidly expensive or a one off. From that point onwards I made it my mission to seek out this case and see if what made it so appealing on the page was true to life. After talking to the lovely guys at Coolermaster, an ATC-210 in blue was winging it's way to me and believe me, every day I waited to see if a box had been dropped off in reception.

Finally it did, then I had to sit staring at it all day at work before bringing it home. Enough of my tears, let's see what all the fuss is about in our, hopefully if I've got it out quick enough, exclusive UK review!!

Coolermasters packaging is superb and I'm not exaggerating. Given the cost and fragility (is that a word, it is now!) of Aluminium cases, Coolermaster have elected to pack them well. Most cases you'll see will just be in an appropriately sized box with some material inside.. whereas these guys do a good job, here you can see my 17 stone cat sitting on it with no ill effect.

They use custom packaging to keep the case tightly inside the box (which comes with carrying handles too) and as you can see the case is held away from the sides of the box which means should it accidentally take a whack then you should hopefully avoid damaging the case inside.

Just to tease you before looking at the case, here's the other bits inside the box. The usual complimentary bag of screws/standoffs and an differently sized plate for the PSU mount.

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