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Desktop gadgets - Facebook Explorer

Facebook ExplorerThere are many desktop gadgets available that have different functionality and prove to be very useful. Like every gadget, desktop gadgets are also cool to have. Your life will be easier if you own such gadgets which can efficiently express your individuality. There are many desktop gadgets available that you can own, however there are few which are worth mentioning.

If you are involved in social networking, Facebook Explorer is the best desktop gadget for you. This gadget keeps you updated as per you specify the time and can be configured to run in larger, smaller width and one of three heights. It gives you a simpler view of friends activities and your own status or info. For those who love browsing, Ultimate Explorer is the one for you. This gadget enables you to search famous websites from your desktop without actually going those sites via browser. If you are one among those who are frustrated by the omission of Quick launch toolbar from windows 7, App Launcher is meant for you. This gadget works in the same manner as does Quick launch bar but is even better as it can be placed anywhere on the desktop. All CPU Meter is yet another desktop gadget which supports eight cores and is very simple to work with. All CPU Meter monitors the memory message and CPU’s and stores the information in very small memory. Google calendar is a desktop gadget which is a miniature of Google calendar and allows you to access, share and view the events.

Other best desktop gadgets include performance meter, system status, arrow player, diGGGadget, system stats, OMNI analogue, Digiwatch, Blue Calendar Gadget for Windows 7, Windows Live ‘What’s New’ Gadget, remote desktop gadget, Twadget, clipboard manager, MiniTV, NASA TV, weather underground and many more. There are many more desktop gadgets that can suitably fulfil the purpose that you are looking forward to your gadget to get the specific work done.

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