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Autodesk 3D Studio MAX modelling software

Autodesk has developed a 3D Studio. Most prevalent, this product has received in version 4.0 for DOS. The program used to create realistic video games, as well as the first models and special effects in movies. Novadays we have 3D Max version of this programm. The program is good for his execution, a little demanding in hardware resources, as well as the relatively low price (around 400 USD).

Course of time the program has become irrelevant because they are incompatible with modern systems and relatively weak capacity to translate thought. It's time the most powerful system of three-dimensional modeling and animation of 3D Studio MAX for Windows NT/XP/Vista/7. The product is used to create modern movies, computer programs with complicated graphics and special effects. Of course the hardware for this product must be exceptional, and the price is not for an ordinary user (about 800 dollars. For the standard version, 2000 dollars. For a more professional version and approx. 4000 dollars. For the network version).

Kinetix division created this product for professional users, although an amateur, afford to purchase this product, may translate primitive types of dreams into reality by examining some of the subtleties of working with the program. For such users would be enough IBM compatible PC with a processor with MMX/SSE2 or Pentium IV with a frequency of 2Ghz or more. We need a powerful graphics card. By the way graphics cards for 3D modeling programs have very different characteristics than a powerful card for gaming. For example professionals use expensive Elsa Gloria cards or exclusive card company Diamond. Naturally 3D Studio MAX is not intended for engineering works. For these problems, Autodesk has created AutoCAD. This product has a leadership position in the global list of programs of this class. Not surprisingly, he's able to perform almost all operations associated with engineering systems. The work of this program is served by thousands of units worldwide on the Internet. The system is designed for professional CAD. Jobs in the system is regarded as the joint work of several computers that perform separate functions. Under the hardware means powerful personal systems, as well as computers based on RISC processors.


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